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OPI - The Information Processing Centre (Warsaw)
EBSCO-full-text periodicals in English
ECONOMY- Academy of Economics in Krakow annotated bibliography
  1. The Information Processing Centre in Warsaw (OPI) - research & development institution, supervised by State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) - responsible, among others, for widening knowledge on scientific and technical information about the condition of Polish science and Polish and foreign scientific research end results. It places the following databases on-line:
  2. Scientific Research - SYNABA (over 140,000 reports on scientific, research, and developmental papers, PhD and doctorate dissertations, and scientific expert papers done by scientific and research & development institutions and universities, collected since 1984, and since 1996. also in English).
  3. PhD and Doctorate Dissertations (over 27,900 records including personal information concerning people who obtained a PhD or doctor's degree and their dissertations, their alma maters, reviewers and academic supervisors).
  4. Research Institutions (over 6,200 descriptions of scientific institutions and research & development centres, and institutions supporting research, such as archives, museums and libraries).
  5. Polish Research Directory ('Research Institutions' collection in English).
  6. People of Science (over 65,000 records concerning research workers, including approx. 9,000 professors, about 11,000 honoured doctors, and nearly 44,000 doctors; scientific disciplines and specialties of these people are given in both Polish and English).
  7. Decision-Making and Advisory Institutions in the Field of Science (approx. 460 descriptions including information on institutions and central government offices responsible for research policy, scientists' corporations and advisory social bodies).
  8. Social Scientific Movement (approx. 500 descriptions of societies, scientific and scientific & professional associations, and foundations operating in the field of science).
  9. Institutions of Scientific and Technical Information in Poland (over 9,500 records containing information on leading libraries and centres for scientific and technical information).
  10. Science Offer (over 1,150 descriptions of new technologies, products and services offered by scientific, and research & development centres).
  11. National Citation Report for Poland - NCR (contains over 114,000 entries about publications and citations from periodicals, which form a resource database for the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, USA; concerns articles whose at least one of the authors is of Polish origin; covers data since 1981.).
  12. Quality and Certification (collection of formal information concerning problems of quality management and certification in the Polish world of researchers and technicians).