Pomiń łącza nawigacji.  

Rules & Regulations

Chapter I

General rules:

  1. The WSFiZ Library is not only a centre for scholarly information to the University of Finance and Management, but also a public library acting in accordance with the Higher Education Act, Libraries Act and the of the Rules and Regulations of the University of Finance and Management in Białystok.
  2. All personal data requested by the University of Finance and Management Library from the users are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. The use of the library collections and basic services is free of charge. The users are, however, obliged to pay (according to the List of Library Fees) for:
    - issuing a Library Card with an identification photo
    - the copies they ordered: photographic prints, digital images and computer print-outs
    Detailed rules are listed in the separate Regulation by the WSFiZ Rector.
  4. The use of the Library collection is available to the following:
    - in the reading room - anyone interested,
    - in the lending library - WSFiZ students and staff, and in exceptional cases researchers who after providing a money deposit are able to prove their research activities and reside permanently in Białystok.
  5. The user is fully responsible for any damage to the library item not specified at the moment of check-out and found at the moment of returning the item. The user is also responsible for the loss of the library item.

Chapter II

Access to the collections within the library area:

  1. Reading room is open to all who wish to use the library resources for educational, scientific or professional purposes.
  2. Library users are required to leave coats, cases, bags, and backpacks in the cloakroom. The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden.
  3. Orders to the reading room are to be placed on signed request slips.
  4. After receiving any library item the users are required to leave an adequate document (student ID, driver's licence, or passport in case of foreigners) and fill out the register book.

Chapter III

Local lending regulations:

  1. The lending library is available to :
    - the WSFiZ students and staff,
    - any person who is at least 18 years of age and wishes to use the library, provided that the required title would also be available to the WSFiZ students and staff.
  2. The reader's account is opened after providing the following:
    - the document confirming the fact of commencing and carrying on studies in WSFiZ,
    - the declaration including the reader's personal data and a signed written statement of complying with the WSFiZ Library Rules and Regulations,
    - the adequate entrance fee.
  3. The library card is the only document to allow for lending books. The library card is issued:
    - to WSFiZ students and staff - upon production of valid student or employee ID card,
    - to outside visitors - upon production of valid form of ID; the money deposit is required in such cases; the deposit matches the value of the required book (the cost is specified in the List of Library Fees).
  4. The library card is valid throughout the period of studies or employment in WSFiZ.
  5. The library card is not to be ceded to anyone. In case of loss the user has to immediately notify the librarian on duty and may receive a duplicate after paying an adequate fee
  6. The readers may obtain books only after producing the library card together with a valid WSFiZ student or employee ID card.
  7. All readers are fully responsible for all borrowed books.
  8.  The amount of books borrowed by one reader at a time must not exceed 5. In justified cases the Head of the WSFiZ Library has the right to allow for more items to be borrowed. Double faculty WSFiZ students are eligible to borrow up to 8 books.
  9. The lending period is two weeks. Double faculty WSFiZ students - up to 8 books a month. Special collections, i.e. audio and video tapes, , CD-ROMs have a 7-day lending period. For outside visitors - 2 books a month (after paying the money deposit.) Special collections are not to be lent to outside visitors.
  10. All students graduating or dropping out the University of Finance and Management are obliged to obtain a document confirming the settlement of their library account.

Chapter IV.

Out-of-town interlibrary lending regulations.

  1. 20. The WSFiZ Library allows for use its books by the outside libraries in the form of interlibrary lending to:
    - WSFiZ teachers,
    - WSFiZ students for special purposes.
  2. The WSFiZ Library brings in library items (4 at a time) which are not available in Białystok libraries for the period of one month. All brought-in items are available in the reading room only.

Chapter V

  1. Multimedia reading room:
  2. Access (from computers connected to the Internet) to online journals and newspapers to which the Library subscribes, as well as other resources needed for educational and research purposes are available to WSFiZ students and teaching staff only. All accompanying persons from outside the WSFiZ or nor able to produce a valid WSFiZ ID are not allowed to enter the room.
  3. All users are required to register on lists placed at the Information Desk and leave a valid ID with the librarian on duty. The time limit of one session is 1 hour
  4. Users are not allowed to:
    • activities causing devastation of, or damage to, computers and their peripherals, disorganization of the computer network, or destruction of software,
    • changes to computer configuration, attempts to break system security, or interference with stored data,
    • load and view the following types of web pages: pornography, propagation of violence, offensive materials, or those forbidden by law,
    • play computer games
    • conduct of commercial business through an educational network
    • use of CHAT and IRC services, SMS gates, and other entertainment-only portals. However, with previous reservation (see Point 7), it is possible to participate in CHATs (such as meetings with famous people) officially organized via Internet portals
    • copy materials available on the Internet but subject to copyright law
    •  sending of serial correspondence and extensive attachments, or any other activities disturbing the functioning of the local network
  5. Users may only use already installed software. It is not allowed to install other programs or alter already existing ones.

Chapter VI

Final notes

  1. All readers are kindly requested to be aware of all current information about the rules and regulations on the use of the WSFiZ Library collections and services, and comply with the above.
  2. The Head of the WSFiZ Library has the right to settle all cases not regulated by the above rulebook. From that ruling one is entitled to the appeal to The Rector of the WSFiZ.
  3. All remarks concerning the use of the WSFiZ Library collections and services may be given to the Head of the Library in an oral or written forms.
  4. The above Rules and Regulations document is effective as of Oct 1. 2002.