Pomiń łącza nawigacji.  

General info

The Main Library of the University of Finance and Management in Białystok together with its branches in Ełk and Ostrow Mazowiecka comprise a higher education network of bibliographical and academic information.

All new acquisitions are registered in the electronic catalogue on a daily basis. We subscribe to over 200 titles of periodicals which correspond to the subject matter of our University's profile, including 32 of the most popular with students foreign language magazines (e.g. Newsweek, The Economist, Stern, Wirtschaftswoche and numerous others available also on-line).

The University's library and reading-room are fully computerized which makes it possible to execute the processes of cataloguing, describing and rending access to all publications according to obligatory standards in current librarianship in a more efficient way. Students and all the University's employees have access to a computer studio equipped with 13 computers used for browsing library catalogues, and surfing the Internet free of charge. It is closely related to the possibility of on-line use of some several thousand multimedia publications: science magazines (EBSCO service), bibliographical databases (Lex Omega), and lots of CD-ROM publications such as newspapers' archives (Rzeczpospolita), lexicons, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and foreign languages educational programs .

The WSFiZ Library serves its purpose marked by contemporary educational trends, new information carriers, and users themselves. It also plays the role of a public library by granting access to its collection to anyone interested.